Matt Duncan Production Designer 917.804.8177


Matt Duncan is noted for bringing a fresh approach to each of his projects. He comes to the film industry with a fine arts background in painting. An apprenticeship with the artist Gesila Dresser in Munich at the start of his art career led to collaborative and solo exhibitions of his work in Prague, London and Zurich as well as numerous shows in New York City. He continues to exhibit locally and abroad.

He joined Local 52 IATSE as a Property Master completing several feature films at the outset. In 1998 he shifted his focus to commercial work. The progression from propping to art direction and production design is a natural one given his fine art aesthetic. A natural leader, he is able to guide a team toward a goal with a sense of camaraderie. As a member of Local 829 (2001), Matt has proved himself to be an excellent Production Designer who grasps the importance of composition, color, innovation, logistics, management of crew, and maintaining a budget.